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  • BrandPost: How to Automate for the Unpredictable May 14, 2021
    Wham! You lurch forward in your car, but your seatbelt holds, and your car’s airbags deploy. You’re shaken up, but OK. Soon, you’re exchanging license and registration information with the distracted motorist who rear-ended you. Then the police and a tow truck appear, and your car is off to the body shop.But a few weeks […]
  • BrandPost: AI at the Edge Keeps Trains on Track May 14, 2021
    At Duos Technologies, we’re helping freight and transit railroads by deploying cutting-edge technologies that transform precision railroading, to improve safety, productivity and general day-to-day operations. Our Railcar Inspection Portal(rip®) automates and streamlines the railcar inspection process to increase system velocity and dramatically improve their operational performance.The Railcar Inspection Portal is a modular, intelligent visualization system […]
  • Allyship: Stepping up for a more inclusive IT May 14, 2021
    Diversity and inclusion are fast becoming cornerstones of IT hiring and retention strategies. Recognizing the importance of fostering diverse teams, IT leaders are reaching out to new talent pipelines and reassessing internal practices with a lens for inclusion.But beyond recruitment and recognition, more challenging work awaits in the form of advancement — of ideas, perspectives, […]
  • BrandPost: Taking a Strategic Approach to Capitalizing on Data May 13, 2021
    In today’s enterprise environments, data is being created, captured and consumed at unprecedented rates. With this data explosion comes the need for new, highly scalable platforms for data collection, management and analysis. The ultimate goal is to use data analytics and artificial intelligence to unlock the business value inherent in data.Business leaders understand the opportunity […]
  • 4 tips to kickstart your agile practice May 13, 2021
    For years, agile has been the essential approach for keeping innovation teams moving with collaborative precision and velocity. In 2020, many organizations were forced to flip their agile processes upside down to meet the challenges of remote work during the global pandemic.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • The quest for end-to-end intelligent automation May 13, 2021
    The pandemic has seen accelerated interest in process automation as organizations have scrambled to overhaul business processes and double down on digital transformations in response to disruptions brought about by COVID-19.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: Episode 3: You’ve Passed CIAM 101 – Now It’s Time to Automate May 12, 2021
    You’ve learned the basics of customer identity and access management (CIAM). And you’ve listened as experts from Okta explained the CIAM Maturity Curve, which helps organizations determine where they fall on the spectrum.In this third episode of our 5-episode podcast, The C-level Strategic Guide for CIAM Investment, we will explore phase 2 on the CIAM […]
  • BrandPost: Extending Enterprise Edge Deployments May 12, 2021
    Edge computing is essential to many digital transformation plans – spanning virtually any industry from retail to telcos to manufacturers. Scalability and manageability represent opportunity and challenges as organizations role out edge deployments, which is where open hybrid cloud may pave the way to achieve critical goals.“As emerging edge computing applications for the enterprise gain […]
  • BrandPost: 5G Brings a New Dimension to Edge Computing May 12, 2021
    5G isn’t only about downloading movies in just a few minutes. Wireless operators are leveraging 5G technology to bring a host of public and private network edge services to the market – and open hybrid cloud technologies are a key enabler.5G allows for increased numbers of data sources or processing points that can be interconnected, […]
  • New US CIO appointments, May 2021 May 12, 2021
    Movers & Shakers is where you can keep up with new CIO appointments and gain valuable insight into the job market and CIO hiring trends. As every company becomes a technology company, CEOs and corporate boards are seeking multi-dimensional CIOs with superior skills in technology, communications, business strategy and digital innovation. The role is more […]