the contact center & speech analytics

Customer engagement is the most important of all aspects to every business.  All processes at some point lead back to the moment business interacts with the customer. 

The Contact Center is one of the most vital customer engagement platforms in this process chain where technology and personnel are tailored to provide the customer with the very best experience at every stage of their journey with you. 

To remain relevant to our customers we must innovate and improve the time-to-solution and resolution of customer needs and challenges.

Process and personnel improvement is one challenge among many that GLADiiUM helps its clients with day in and day out.  Using experience-earned best-practices and industry-based KPI metrics our consultants are helping our clients evolve their contact centers to the next generation with best-in-class speech analytics and other process improvements that are turning around measurable cost savings, revenue growth and customer satisfaction ratings.  Let us help do the same for your business. Reach out for a consultation with one of consultants and let’s together take a step toward your company’s future.